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Accepting In House Currency/Points/Gold As Payment

Discussion in 'Membership Sites' started by singingsleep, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. singingsleep

    singingsleep Regular Member

    Dec 13, 2008
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    Jack of all trades, master of... well... several,
    Hi guys...

    I've been involved in quite the undertaking lately which has taken me longer than expected in coding/modifying, now at at point where I anticipated no problems and not sure which route to take..

    I need to integrate "points" or a virtual currency system of sorts into my site that people can buy and spend. Buying can be by just about any method besides complicated digital currency payouts, with paypal, cc & sms payments being preferable.

    Now, I know this is not a complicated thing in itself really, the main point is my site also has wordpress installed and wouldn't ya know it, it seems as if magically the lack of virtual currency plugins for wordpress is now a THING.

    I have worked with various CMS and community systems so that is no problem either, what I'm wondering is, for the sake of saving time, is there anyone with experience in something similar who can tell me what their opinion is on what the best solution is so I know whether to go on trying to force a fix in wordpress or perhaps consider some CMS type setup that may have a plugin ready for this or possibly even built in as a feature?

    I am looking for a bare bones type of thing really except it has to have an API or whatever, so I can do calls, the thing I am making has (frustratingly) obviously never been built before so I have to be able to add the feature or at least a link to it into Java, I believe. It can't be the type I am seeing in WP widgets that only offers like 6 rewards options and automatically does it.

    All opinions appreciated, thanks :)
  2. richestmaninbabylon

    richestmaninbabylon Junior Member

    Jul 26, 2014
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    Getting It
    Hello singingsleep,

    I would create some job postings on upwork, freelancer, BHW and ask around about custom development. Explain your requirements in as much detail as possible that way you get accurate quotes. See what people are quoting you and try and get them to give you VERY detailed proposals. With these proposals (before you spend any money) you will be able to see exactly what your project is going to entail. Many times I run into developers that are able to provide me with the plugin/script I needed all along at little to no cost.

    Hopefully this gives you a better chance of getting the final product you need.