AC Question, Kinda n00b.

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    Alright heres the deal, just got a car and let me tell you, the insurance I gotta pay on this thing aint pretty. Now I was reading up on making money with Associated Content and bringin in $90 a day writing 15-20 articles or so for $5-7$ a pop. That seemed way to good to be true....So before I go settin up Dragon Naturally Speaking and going the whole 9 here on this, does this work? I never considered doing this but are getting desperate for some cash here considering ive applied to like 7 or so jobs and got a call from 1 and they never ended up calling me back after the interview :( So lets hear it. Reviews?? Proof? I dont mind "writing" the articles so the time needed isnt really a problem here. I just want some opinions for my situation if its really worth it. Thanks.