AC Estimated Pages views vs. total content viewed?


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Nov 2, 2009
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I'm having trouble understanding AC's page view system, I am showing between 29 and 64 estimated page views for the dates of the last week. Then it says "total content viewed" and gives a much lower number. What is this? Is the total content viewed the actual numbers of page views I received?

AC is still raping me with ridiculous $1.50 offers so I'm just looking at other options to write at this point but hoping I can, at some point, get this account sorted out to get some legitimate offers from these idiots.
I think.. think is the keyword.. based on whatever magic rules they follow.. the estimated is how many they think you'll get and the actual is how many you got. I'm not positive though. Someone else might be able to help us on this better.
Yeh! Have you seen a butcher cut down his animal? If you have, then just visualize your "views" on his chopping table! Whatever is left behind is your own share!
That is the perfect comparison SRB. It fits ideally for the AC views. LOL I try not to look too closely at the leftover scraps either.
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