Absolutely INSANE!

That might be the craziest thing I have ever seen. They must have had a chopper to get the rest of the crew up there. Reminded me a bit of stand by me.
I'm more impressed with the camera guy to be honest.
lol ... it's a program called Born Survivor/Man vs Wild - his aim is to show viewers how to survive, and is presented with challenges which he demonstrates how to overcome them.

But it's all for entertainment for me! :)

was there even a point to any of that
I watch the show sometimes, some cool stuff, but of course entertainment too.

I did not see this episode but now i know to always carry a 30 pounds chain with me. :), never know when you'll need it.
Lol I thought you were talking about the climb being insane.. and I agreed with you, especially when he trusted that chanin. And then the ********ing train came.
He probably keeps his chain in his nearby hotel and gets a flunkie to carry out to the "survival area"!

I am referring to the stories that his survival trips used hotels etc. and were possibly not quite as they seemed...
LOL - (Bear swings 30lb pound chain above head) *EDIT* "Ooh look, it's caught" - (Bear climbs chain).

I'll only give him 1 1/2 steel balls.
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I would question if that video at first was fake or not but now I don't have to thanks to that last post. He's a fake and not interested in him anymore.
Bear Grylls is a pud. It's all for show. I much prefer watching Les Stroud. He's the real deal and you'll actually learn something useful about survival from him.
bear gyrlls is an awesome man, even if some things are a little show-y. he is all balls lol

but i've always been a fan of ray mears.. bear seems like he HATES wilderness.. whereas ray embraces it :)
It doesn't even look like the numb nuts was running his fastest.

I am more impressed with this.

can someone please explain to me what part of that train video was fake and how was it fake? Because i cant quite see it.
can someone please explain to me what part of that train video was fake and how was it fake? Because i cant quite see it.

Based on some of the fakes I've seen on this guy, I'm sure there was someone on top of the tracks to insure that the chain was secured.
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