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    I have a big problem. I have archived one script with zip or rar and when i want to upload in yahoo mail... tell me i have a virus. I have scan with nortn antivir, ca syste and mcafee.

    Please tell me what antivirus can i use to scan php scripts?

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    I would use virustotal.com it allows you to upload a file and scans it with a bunch of different antivirus products for free!
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    I have had some hits with php scripts. took apart the components
    and submitted them individually ... what I discovered was this ->

    jquery IF in the 'packed' format will 99% of the time set off virus
    scanners as that format is similar to how some viruses are 'stored'.

    jquery.com has now even stopped supplying the 'packed' version!

    look at your script and see if it is using "jquery-1.x.x.packed.js"
    and if so submit it to virustotal - you will likely get a 'hit'

    you can replace the old jquery with a new one. all you need to do is
    go to jquery.com - click on the 'minified' box - then right click on the
    button - then "save web page as" in your browser. remove the old
    'packed' version, and place the new one in the folder where it was

    now the hard part! use a code editor like notepad++ and search for
    all references to the old named jquery and replace with the new name.

    99.9% of the time this should fix things up, BUT if the version was
    too old? there may be syntax changes! so you can just put up on elance
    of Odesk that you need to script changed to use the newer jquery.

    AGAIN this is only IF you have the 'packed' jquery ... if there is some
    other problem? not sure what to do other than hire someone that
    has experience with this sort of thing.