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Oct 26, 2009
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Hey, this is just the standard into thread since i thought i had better create one to get me started ;)

boutme: i am a coder of nearly all languages and prefer the LAMP type apps since they are sooo easy. I have been working with computers for 20ish years now and some would call me one of those computer wiz-kids who has "the knack."

I have previously been involved in a few BH type traffic gen ideas, one of which i ran for ~4years and was then stolen into a 5+ year exclusive contract to start up a few sites.

So now as of december i will be left back at 0 again since i am at the end of my 5 yr contract and have no-sites to my name anymore.

Hence my interest back in this field. i need to get some revenue going while i work out wtf i want to do :p

I know this is a hard(ish) industry and some would even say its harder than the white hat aproch, but honestly its soo much more fun.

will cya around on the forums,

glad to be a member
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