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    I'm reading CL Car method and thinking about the legal aspect of all the methods we are using right now
    Well, I have to say that most of our method here are generally the same, like we lead the people to believe that we can do something for them, then lead them to our CPA offers
    So, is it fraud? To some degree, yes. I don't say that we hack into their bank accounts, withdraw some thousand and run away with it(trust me I used to be in that kind of business, not the same, but the concept is pretty much alike, and I still don't have any problem with anyone or whatsoever, but I still quit because I absolutely don't like the idea that the party van can visit me anytime, and I have moral too). So, the way I do my business is this, I try to avoid anything that can make people lose something. I used to be interested in ewhoring, but I soon realized that people actually lose their money for it, not really losing, they can always file a chargeback and get their money back, after that I quit ewhoring.

    So what do I do now? Most of the methods I use only make people submit an email, or install some stuffs on their PC. The most is that I make them sign up for some rebill offers, but at least, they KNOW what they are getting. Angry email? So far, none, some of them actually thank me for that.

    Honestly, I don't know much about law, so I don't know for sure what I do can harm anyone and they can file a lawsuit against me or not, but just imagine a case like this:

    Complainant: Your honor, this guy tricked me
    Judge: so, what did he do to you?
    Complainant: he made me submit my email address and install some stupid applications into my PC
    Judge: Did you lose anything? Did he stole your personal information or do anything that directly harm you, your family or your dog?
    Complainant: No sir, I don't lose anything
    Judge: then why do you sue him??????

    Do they bother to investigate a case like that? Yes, if they have enough free time for not dealing with terrorists, robbers, drug dealers, Nigerian scammers, eBay scammers, etc

    Excuse me for my bad English, but, my point is: whatever you do, try to think about the other people a little bit. So far, I don't know anyone who actually go to jail for doing stuffs like that YET, but maybe, some days, your places can be raided anytime and you have no idea what the F is wrong with your life. People commit crime because they think that it can be easier for their life a little bit, and they just need to do it to make some money and quit after that, until one day, they realize that their names are on FBI wanted list.

    so yeah, do your best out there, make a lot of money, but try to remember that we are blackhatters, not scammers. I work with some of the coolest blackhatters on IM and I know they never scam anyone, they are not that cheap.

    by the way, go to youtube and search for ebay scammer, you will see, it's pretty funny
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    i agree with you are lot that is what i do always i make sure the person is not losing any thing....
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    I'll only go so far in my BH methods to make money. If you do cross a certain line, you're opening your way up to legal issues.
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    With a little creative thought and careful choice of words, many of these techniques and offers are not illegal. The key is to take the premise mentioned and turn it on its head.

    For example, I've combined what I saw in 3 posts and created one, not terribly exciting, but totally legal and decent money maker.

    1. Start with cheap google images traffic for xyz (let's say tattoos) driven to an autoblog thanks to regular feed of images.
    2. Pop a ************** (or you could do BHCB) gateway on a dedicated page with download links (compilations of otherwise free images, all in one place).
    3. Upload your compilations to storage.to and place the links on your gateway'd page.

    Yes, this isn't original, but it is legit. Now just make a nav link pointed to the free image library, make an occasional post about it, promote however.

    So, I'm not converting easy to acquire traffic that would otherwise be wasted on very cheap Adsense clicks, and instead taking them to a cpa+download offer.

    It won't make me rich overnight, but is a nice autopilot pocketchange machine - and one with no issues of legality (that I know of).
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    Think of it like this..

    - I'm ewhoring... my target gets burnt with $0 to not much money lost. Damn, sucks but not too bad.
    - Target now knows not to trust some slut on the internet. He was unaware but now he is aware.

    Now lets say that same target above^ becomes a target for a much bigger scam. If he had never been burnt before, then he would go for it.. maybe he could suffer a much bigger loss. But no, he's aware now. So in a way, we're helping people by making them "aware" with little to no cost at all.