A2ads steal affiliate payments?


Feb 4, 2011
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Hello, everyone!
I?m going to tell you my story with A2ads.
First, I want to inform that I?m an experienced affiliate at many rated CPA networks such as maxbounty, peerfly, convert2media, affiliate.com, envyusmedia, abovealloffers, adscendmedia and others. All of them paid me and still pay on time, I have old accounts in all of them, some are several years old. The total sum of all payments have reached over 70k USD. I can show the screenshots of payments and prove my words with the contacts of managers if necessary. There were rare complaints about certain offers due to an inappropriate traffic and so those offers were closed and the new ones were opened.
I work with the same type of offers in all networks and provide the same traffic. My traffic is organic conversions from the search engines.
Anyway, I started working with A2ads when they bore the name Fluxads. I heard about them when they used directtrack script.
Initially they paid on time, they actively participated on forums and answered in the support.
They made the first payment to me on 3/3/2014 on a new script. I received that payment (1000 USD) and continued to work with them.
They impressed me with a great convert, so I continued to work with them.
In total, according to the payment history they made 7 payments to me.
Only one was made on time, while altogether I got only 3 payments.
Two more payments were received only because they expired and they re-sent two checks.
At the beginning Jon was answering me, cheking the address, the company name and other details.
Then he started saying something like this:

Date: 2014-07-10 15:29
Alex ?
I got a note on my desk you have been attempting to reach me. I apologize you have been unable to of late, as I have switched roles here at A2 and have been in training. We have brought in some additional account managers and a new dedicated manager will be assigned to your account. Until then, though, I will track down your checks. Our accounting team reflects them as mailed and delivered. Not sure what?s going on with the 3rd party you use to received your checks. Do you have other options for receiving payment? Check mailed directly to you perhaps?

Date: 2014-07-29 10:37
Hi Aleksandr -
Accounting informed me they will be re-issuing in the next payment cycle (which is just a few days away).
It takes them a while to insure checks were never cashed, cancel them, then re-draft bills.
Payment should arrive to you shortly.
Jon Lyons

One check was returned to them because it was damaged and they sent it one more time, I received it in the end. That?s what he answered me:

Date: 2014-08-19 10:54
Hi Aleksandr -
I got an email yesterday from accounting that the check was finally returned to us as undeliverable. Looks like the post office tore off a good chunk of it during processing. Never seen that before. But now that we have the check back and in hand, payment will go out today for re-issue. Sorry for the delay but it is company policy to not have any checks unaccounted for before re-issuing. We've been burnt before in the past by re-issuing checks that were claimed to have never been received and then once they received the re-issue, they cashed both the original and re-issue.
Jon Lyons

They had a helpdesk for some time, thanks to it I managed to contact their billing department and they made one more payment. As a result, three payments were received, two of them with a huge delay.
Then Jon stopped answering me, though I wrote him every week and even gave a call.
Finally, I started to search for other A2ads managers and ask them to contact Jon. They answered that I wasn?t their affiliate and they couldn?t help me since it was Jon who was my account manager. I asked them to tell him about my issue and they said he was aware, but they didn?t tell why he didn?t respond.
They owe me 4 payments for over 4000 USD and no payments have been made for more than a year!
I created this topic in order to find more people who?ve had the same problem.
I?m asking everyone who has been in the same situation to write about it here, so that we will be able to solve this problem together, if nothing helps ? we will resort to a collective lawsuit.
p.s. Personally, I hope Jon will pay me and I?ll ask to close this topic.


Feb 6, 2013
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Strange that I keep seeing these horror stories about them :X They should come and clarify it here