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    Hi Guys, I've been reading these forums for about 9 or 10 months and i've had my account since march. I've tried all sorts of methods but alas due to my ADHD i can't focus on just 1 method long enough to make it work. This Method here i created myself for anyone with the technical know how as it is very difficult and i probably won't be answer every question you have.

    Have you ever had an interest in telemarketing? What if you could autopilot telemarketing? starting a method such as this will require about $900 US dollars

    Step 1. Purchase, install and properly configure Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition (aliexpress has keys for 12$ each)
    Step 2. Setup a hyper VM with 4GB of RAM and 2 of your processors (easy for me since my computer has 25GB of RAM, 8 core Proccessor)
    Step 3. install FreePBX on the hyper VM and configure it until you're able to make a call between 2 SoftPhones
    Step 4. Google DiDlogic (can't post links) and setup an account with them with $100 credit, configure their servers to your pbx, and purchase a phone number, a canadian number costs about 2$ for activation and monthly fee, then its $0.0070 per minute, lastly configure the number to connect to your freepbx and be able to establish a call between you and someones landline. (you can also make the number private unknown name and number)
    Step 5. Purchase Broadcast Xact Dialer module for freepbx ($800) or use an autodialer program other than that one.- start a auto dialing campaign and broadcast the message you want to be played over every call that is made. here's the ticket Broadcast a message telling the person something awesome and send them to your website. or maybe you got a better idea?? twist it

    Good Luck Guys! :) and Merry Christmas!

    P.S. there is a national do not call list just a heads up :p and also for those wondering... i got to step 5 but due to lack of money i can't try this method.....but i also won't ask or take someone elses money cause i cannot guarantee ill be focused on it....
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    This is only half a method. The real trick is coming up with a good idea and message that will compel people to visit your sales page, call you back, or fall into your sales funnel one way or the other.

    Instead of getting stuck due to lack of funds, hire a company that specializes in voice broadcasts. They will host all the equipment for you and charge you based on how many calls they make on your behalf. If your campaign is successful, then you can invest in your own PBX and autodialer.
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