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A Unique Subscription to Scrape Posted Urls

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Feedback' started by fas66, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. fas66

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    May 3, 2013
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    Hello Everyone,

    So, in a previous thread, there was debate about weather or not there should be a rule regarding Prohibition of posting others websites.

    @Luco Wanted this rule implemented as one of his sites was totally wrecked as a member posted it here to gain knowledge regarding it.

    With huge traffic and good indexing rate, any site posted on BHW gets a high recognition, which would lead to (un)precedented outcomes.

    In a similar case, a thread made by @BlackHatHam was removed and @BassTrackerBoats answered that it was removed from public view as it belonged to a member here.

    Personally, I am against this idea of a rule being implemented for banning the posting of urls, Cause that would make things more hard to explain.

    For example, in this thread the OP was interested in knowing how to add a particular feature to his site and did provide an url to demonstrate it. Which was helpful in giving tips and ideas to OP. Finally the OP was able to find a solution - this is what a good community does, help one another.

    I also do understand the pain a person faces in loosing his/her revenue just because someone decided to learn their trick. But if that person is from BHW and if he/she alerts a Mod then the site is removed.

    As its not quite possible to keep watch - weather or not their site is mentioned is kindof a hard job.

    For this reason,

    BHW could have a auto scrape system, that would scrape the url before the thread is posted live and check it with an existing list of urls.

    They could also charge the user for enlisting their url in the system such that it would provide additional revenue to BHW and peace of mind to the site Onwer.

    Some may recommend having a custom built scraper, but it would just waste the bandwidth of BHW,

    TL, DR

    1. Have a Subscription for Scraping posted Urls
    2. Peace of mind to the site onwer
    3. Additional revenue for BHW
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