A Unique JV, With More then one Benefit For you.

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    Looking for a serious Investor talking $600.Investor can only be one person.

    I am currently working on a project that is needing some funding assistance at the moment. The project is a black hat project that if all goes well I might open a BST on it (investor will be entitled to 15% of all sales) or I might branch out and go another way with it (which of course we will talk about split % or work something out). This project is tight lipped for the moment, but will discuss more in details with the right/serious investor.

    Now lets talk your reimbursement.
    Your ROI will depend on which route I plan to go with, either if its a BST thread I am projecting 100's (if not thousands) of sells which will bring you upwards of a $1000+ or if I decided to go the other route which seems to be more lucrative your ROI can become much more substantial.

    Other then the promised ROI I can return your initial investment of $600 to you within 100 days and as a addition if you have an adsense account I can place your adsense code on my site where it makes $200 a month for the next 5 months.

    In a nutshell this is a very serious endeavor and hope all responders will treat it as such. This is me being serious trying to push my project to the next chapter.

    Looking forward to our partnership
    I am a very trusty worthy person. Quite a few people here can vouch for my integrity as a JV operator.
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    Please PM me more information, thanks.