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    Hi Guys

    I joined this forum way back in Jan 09. Started out as a forum poster using CS script. Made some change but the work was too tiresome for the pay. With many forums becoming adept with the idea it became more difficult to continue. So decided to move on to other things.

    So, started out on forex. Now in forex a newbie goes through a cycle -

    -> Thinking short term money and dreaming big $$
    -> Trading short term money and loosing
    -> Reviewing and trying many more short term ideas
    -> Still loosing....

    What I did differently:
    -> Deciding to go long term. Money rolls in..
    -> Long term makes you decent 2-3% ROI monthly (even the best trading houses manage 15% )

    Then next? Well, as an old adage goes:
    Never put all your eggs in one basket. So, return to IM. Why?
    Diversity, Owning a virtual estate, if you into long term (ie not promoting latest internet fads like acai berry) then you have a constant stream of income. That sounded easy :)

    So, started out with my IM journey and then hit a roadblock. My bank decided to stop my CC due to some fraudulent payments done by someone else. 3 months in, I keep building my keyword list and reading. No resolution on my card and with a bad credit in my name, cant get another credit card. Then I read this:


    This gave me an idea, probably not something new or groundbreaking but something to work with. I decided what the heck, f**k the bank, I borrow a friends CC (I could have done that 3 months before but I was being lazy :D ).

    So, here's my journey till now:

    Day 0: Choose the niche.
    18k monthly search
    2.28 million results
    1.1 million exact result
    Market Samurai says:

    Second result is a wiki page.

    Decided on keywordsuffix.com domain name.

    Day 1: Buying domain name on Godaddy turns out to be a nightmare. They keep throwing some extra shit to jack up the prices. Days end with no result.

    Day 2: Bought domain name from Namescheap, hosting from Hostgator, Scrapebox from Sweetfunny. Installed WP on the hosting.

    Day 3: No work done as my ISP starts acting up.

    Day 4: No work done,ISP problem. My site gets indexed with no content at all.

    Day 5: ISP problem continues. Lay my hands on FireStorm SEO and watch those videos.

    Day 6: Finally, ISP issue resolved. Throw up adsense theme. Last 3 days were spent writing 1000+ words content so put that up. Put the ads and the product link. Create some high ranked profiles. Ping my site with FireStorm SEO ping list.

    Day 7: Relaxed as it was Sunday

    Day 8: Checked again. No movement on my site. Google still showing the older pages. Asked for help here:

    Changed my ping list to Vita Vee's Zero to Profit list and it works wonders. Site gets listed in google.

    There comes my first issue. Now when I made the site it was htttp://sitename . com , following Firestorm SEO to avoid canonical problems I made it http://www. sitename .com
    This issue shows up in Google. One version shows the no content part (from Day 4) , next one with content.

    Bookmarked my site to 25+ bookmarking sites part SEnuke , part manual.
    Use SB to extract links but as I am using public proxy, the comment success rate is less than 0.5%. So get around 40 comment backlinks.

    Day 9: Again use SB to scrape and comment. This time the conversion sucks - 0.1 % ---- get 25 backlinks. Added more 3 profile links.

    And wrote this huge post.

    So final totals:
    65 comment bl's created
    8 profile links

    Questions you could have:
    Q) Why such a long post?
    Well a journal so cramping all my thoughts.

    Q) You were successful in forex, why do IM?

    Q) If you are making gud money in fx then why not buy services rather than do-it-yourself.
    I can buy some decent earning sites from flippa or elsewhere but don't want to, where's the fun in that. Buying services is good but I will like to make 2-3 sites on my own to see if I can do it.

    Lessons learned:

    1. FireStorm SEO ping list is shit. At least it dint work for me.

    2. There is a huge difference between working Google operators. Intitle: "keyword" and allintitle: keyword. same with allinurl and inurl. Check for yourselves.

    3. If you dont want canonical issue, make up your mind before whether you want http://sitename or http://www.sitename. Once indexed it might stick to you.

    4. Don't use Godaddy they keep on upselling to you and jack the prices up. Namescheap was much more simple.

    5. There can be sites which beat the wiki pages (Top ranked site in the MS screenshot) with lower number of links and non onsite SEO

    6. IM still requires manual work which doesn't justify the earnings on day-to-day basis. :p Hoping it will change.

    Questions for you Guys:

    1. How to avoid the canonical issue. My homepage has two versions in Google , how to remove the no content one?

    2. The top rated site has some serious relevant links like ehow and some NGO sites. Will it be easy to beat that site though it has no onpage SEO?

    3. Do I need to do something extra to get my comment spam links indexed??

    4. Bookmarks show in Google but not in Yahoo. Yahoo indexing is slower???

    5. What timeframe I am looking at to get in top 3? Currently my site is no where near or within the first 10 pages.

    If you have any questions, do post here, I will try and answer.

    Thanks for reading this huge post

    EDIT In the rush of things forgot to do one thing. Making Web 2.0 profiles to point to my page. I have been using SB on my money site and have blasted to 20k pages till now. What are my chances of Askimet ban ? and ultimately my rankings??
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