A Tool To Spy On Those Competitor Websites

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    How Do I Find Out What Other Websites My Competitors Are Running? ... before I give you the answer...

    A while ago I was researching two particular niches that are closely related. I searched both keyword phrases for the respective niches in G and came up with two websites that were identical in design, but on different domains. Obviously I thought that the two websites belong to the same owner, or that the design was ripped by someone.

    That brought up a question; I wanted to find out all the websites that this webmaster has, and in turn discover all the niches they're targeting.

    Enter Reverse IP Lookup. Simply go to this tool, enter a website name and it'll show you all other websites that live on that same server. (Now if tool has helped you, then make sure you hit that Thanks button once you finish reading this)

    I did this with my competitor and luckly I was able to clearly see all the other sites they were targetting. I then realised that this tool is only effective when the webmaster owns the server, such as in cases of VPS hosting.

    Websites hosted on standard shared hosting will display ALL websites on that server, effectively diluting any chance of finding other websites owned by your particular competition.

    Obviously this is a powerful tool, but one that weakens my own exposure. All my websites are currently on VPS hosting, and I run the risk of someone doing a reverse IP lookup on me. In addition to this, I don't like having all my websites on the same IP for SEO reasons.

    So what to do? Do I move all my websites to a shared hosting account? That's the approach that I'm currently thinking of taking.

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    I would never trade any of my VPSs for any of the shared hosting I've had.

    Most good VPS providers give you multiple IPs or offer additional IPs for like a buck or two. If you don't want a competitor to see all of your sites, simply bind them to different IPs. If you have hundreds or thousands of sites, you can always bind to IP by category.

    That will limit your exposure somewhat, and is effective if you have a small number of sites.
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    Theres a danger (I think but may be wrong) that you could be looking at many other peoples websites on the same server aswell - depending on the type of server as it may be running shared hosting or reseller packages.
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    If you r runing all your sites on one vps then the best solution to hide your id on each one would be geting additional ip's from your host provider.... as a matter of fact these are quiet cheap now a days... so put each site on each ip and you r good to go lolz