A Tattoo Blog and Nurse Complex. Any Tips?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by QualityContentWriter, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Hi guys, I've seen a lot of good questions posted here and for each question a wealth of really great tips and advice. So I guess it doesn't hurt to post my question, right?

    When it comes to promoting my own sites I am more passive than aggressive. More than anything, I have "nurse complex". The energy I put into marketing and promoting a website is reserved for clients... I just don't do it for my own self.

    So the blog I'm asking about is focused on tattoos, and I did publish several posts about tattoo symbolism / tattoo meanings. I would like this blog to really encourage community engagement, so I added a form where users can upload pictures of their own tattoos and tell a little bit about it, as well as Disqus for comments. (Of course, no traffic and no comments yet, because I haven't started promoting this site yet.)

    Outside of putting Adsense on this site, I haven't given much thought into how I might monetize this blog... which should be a bigger priority before I get too carried away with another pointless website. For me, if the website is useful to readers than it isn't necessarily pointless, but I need advice on how to make money with it so it feels worth my time.

    Also, I'm able to put 3 hours a week into this site and want to make the most of that time... how would you recommend I do this? What would you do, step by step, to make this tattoo blog a success?