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a Strategy to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by udersemo, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    if you ask thousands of bloggers what is the main obstacle they find online, the answer is TRAFFIC

    There are two types of traffic. free and paid

    The first one is not free as you need to spend time to come up with good proven marketing tactics to reach targeted audience and the

    The second one Get you targeted traffic and ready to buy customers, you just need to know how to start the right ad at the eright time with the right people.

    i think you know about yahoo answer. which was a great way to find good questions and write better answer andinsert your web link to get traffic.

    Now we have Quoraa too

    it is a Fantastic traffic source which allows you to write better answers to your audience. and the best answer gets more votes. if you could provide people with step by step guide and able to solve a specific proble in details then people will engage with your answers and visit your blog.

    How to do it Better

    Find questions that are ranked better in search engines. these questions receive more audience. write a better answer then your competitors and leave your blog signature or a link to relevant article in your blog

    people are going to enagge and interact if they see you have Good value in your blog too.

    let me know in comments if this strategy works for your blog