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    Dec 29, 2011
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    Everyone loves to laugh right? That was our thought when we decided to make Comedy Meter to promote a bigger site.

    The script was sculpted over months and we were finally all set to create an equally killer design. It was at this juncture that a new management makes a dramatic entry into the company. And they have one agenda: they want the site sold! All our work going to someone else. Consequently, it is now at flippa (2677567).

    In the meanwhile, if you gurus would critique the idea and it comes out overwhelmingly positive (hey, I'm not suggesting anything!), we would be able to show it to the management and maybe convince them to not sell it. Of course before the auction reaches it's reserve price which is only slightly higher than the current bid.

    The idea is to add tons of funny youtube video links and just promote the site through social media and word-of-internet. Not unlike wildfire would it spread from there. After all, who doesn't enjoy good humor?