a scrapebox problem I cannot solve!


Aug 1, 2010
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hi everyone

I recently purchased scrapebox and was convinced I would be better off
with paid proxies from what I read here.First I bought 10 proxies from anonymous-proxies , harvesting mode was not working bad but I had very little success with autoposting.I tought the proxies are the problem and I changed them,I bought new set of proxies from yourprivateproxy .Harvesting is ok but autoposting was worst ( 2 successful submit out of 1258 wordpress blogs).What would you do if this happened to you?

Another question re proxies,how do you set up password and user name for each proxy on yourprivateproxy .I have not been given any in the beginning and I had an impression that including my IP would just do but I guess it is not the case.(I am not sure if this is the problem with autoposting as I have some 407 errors for failed blog posts but this was not the case for the proxies I had from anonymous-proxies.I obvioulsy sent support tickets to both scrapebox and yourprivateproxy but I did not get any reply that is why I wrote here)
You already went to "setup access" page in yourprivateproxy and added your ip address? Try autodetecting your ip address because maybe it changed.

I never had to add usernames and passwords for each proxy. You authorize them to be used by whatever ip addresses you choose.
Import proxies in the following format

xx.xxx.xxx.xx: port:username: password (leave out the spaces)

With periods between the proxy number sets and colons between the other data.

Akismet is killing autoblog posting. Set up a unique e-mail address (a 10 minute job) and a small link ring of web2.0 sites with your links in.

When you autopost - point to these sites and rotate. Use proxies and a delay.

My advice is to NEVER autopost using your own domain as the URL. It will get blocked very quickly

Link rings add protection as well as juice.

Treat them well, feed them with unique content, and hammer the bastards with as much juice as you want - because even if they do fail; (and that's unlikey) you can just set up another in 30 minutes.

Last tip. Make a ring on day one with a post on each. Post a couple more times that week and then and ONLY then add links.

DO NOT link all your WEB2.0 stuff together. Link one or two nodes randomly, but if you make a full circuit it will be identified by the SE's for what it is.

Remeber to bookmark them as well (And you can hammer these with bookmarks as well) and rustle up some RSS feeds to submit (most WEB2.0 places come with RSS feeds to copy 'n' paste, those that don't you can use free tools to turn any URL into a feed)

Protect yourself, put the work in up front. Hammering your own site will get you bolloxed.

Send GOOD links to your own site.

Use scrapebox to find 100 or so really high PR sites relavent to yours and POST MANUALLY ON THEM back to your URL direct with good relavent comments

Sound like a lot of work.

It is

Better get used to it
Harvest and post first with free proxys,then use your private proxies and compare the results,then you at least will know if the problem are the proxys or some other configure.
Harvest and post first with free proxys,then use your private proxies and compare the results,then you at least will know if the problem are the proxys or some other configure.

yes I did that too,the result is the same..
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