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A REAL Sports Method.

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by ljay13, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. ljay13

    ljay13 Registered Member

    Jan 25, 2008
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    Well I'm waiting for an install to finish so I thought I'd share a little sports method that can be done one of two ways, and either way guarantees a hefty profit.
    I actually got the idea from an old episode of the simpsons, where Homer gets a letter in the mail every week predicting the winner of a football game - professor pigskin or something, if I remember right. Though, only vaguely based on there.
    The idea is simple, though you'll need a few hands to properly get this done.

    First find a decent sized sporting event (NBA, NFL, etc), and a nice affiliate offer to go along with it. You could go sports betting, ebook on how to win at sports bets, or anything like that. There are a TON of offers like that out there.
    Now get 2x 1000 flyers (Of course you could scale this up). One half of the flyers saying team A wins this game, and the other half saying team B wins this game. Make the ad read something like

    "I knew *team A* was going to win tonight by using this patented sports betting technique, and you can too.

    or something similar.
    Now, go to said game and stick those flyers under every windshield wiper you can see. Of course dividing the area and only putting team A flyers in one area and team B flyers in another.
    Stand infront of the entrance / exit to the sporting area, and hand them out to people entering and leaving; you wont believe how quickly a few thousand flyers go.
    Sure, 1/2 of your work will technically be going to waste, but the other half of people who see you've given them the results of a game that just finished a few minutes ago will be impressed.

    If this seems a bit too risky with the work that'll go to waste, just get a few thousand flyers and tell them they could make thousands from this game just by using whatever affiliate program you want to promote.
    In the end, you can get this system going for you for as little as $50 or so for some flyers and some gas to get to the event, all you need is 1 in a thousand to convert and you're making a profit.

    It's just one of the many countless ways offline marketing can make you a ton of money, but like everyone else says here on the forum - TAKE ACTION OR YOU WONT MAKE A DIME!

    Hope someone takes this idea to heart...
    (And if I see you spreading flyers in my area... :frusty:
  2. leedaman

    leedaman Junior Member

    Sep 7, 2009
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    a bit of a variation would be to only hand em out after the game when you know who has won save the loosing teams flyers and if you end up doing the same thing for another game the losing team are apearing you will cut your costs