A question of business models.

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    I have been writing for AC for quite some time, all white hat. I say that I am a decent writer and I think I have a firm grasp of what AC wants. That have being said, I am getting greedy. I want to scale my operation up by a factor of at least 8.

    Now I worked the numbers, and I think a reasonable way to go about this and meet my goals, is by using 8 different accounts. Spreading things out very thin per account and ditching the 8 accounts after a week. My question is would that be wise?

    I have one fully verified account that is in good standing and I don't want to start getting lowered payments on that account because I flooded it with 20 articles a day. But I am fully capable of writing those articles white hat in one day.

    I also don't currently possess the money to get 8 phone verified accounts either. So I am looking for advice as to the best course of action.

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    There is a method of getting PVA's for AC. I use it and it works for me.

    Create a new email account of use and existing one
    * Head over to http://www.bueno.com and sign up..
    * Go to AC and sign up with the same email.. (Not necessary to keep the email same, but keeps you organized in case of many accs..)..
    * Verify yourself with the bueno phone number you just received..
    * Go to paypal and add/attach the same email(again, not necessary to be same) to your PP (You can add e-mails to your PP).
    * Go write some articles and make the money

    This was not my idea but I cannot remember who thought of this, but thanks ;).
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    You've got an excellent gameplan, but I'm wondering why you would want to ditch the accounts after a week. You can keep them attached and collecting performance payments for extra residual income. Paypal lets you have two accounts (1 personal, 1 business), so you can be collecting those residuals up until you max out all 16 AC accts.

    Just a reminder, you'll still want to be driving traffic to your articles to consistently be getting the highest upfront offers over the life of the accounts.

    Good luck
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    @smileyd -- Do you remember how low the offers were in the beginning for your WH account or after they started the ppv bonus? The new accounts are more than likely going to start with very low payment offers because there is no clout. You're definitely going to want to keep the new accounts more than a week.