A programmer is required in C++11

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    Just posted this on Freelancer and Odesk, Thought I might as well post it here if anyones interested. Need this done pronto and I dont think its a big job so we are paying well for a guy who can get on it immediately.

    I have a site that was built by a member on here called TheGophering who lost interest and cant be contacted for any updates. So everytime the host sites we scrape data from make small changes our feed goes down. If you can fix it you will get regular maintenance work from us.

    Ad is as below. PM me for the site info. If you think you can do I will put you in contact with my partner who you will be dealing with

    A programmer is required to update/modify/maintain our C++11 backend implementation.

    Our site scrapes data from 2 host sites using scrapers in C++11

    Since construction our developer has moved onto other projects and isn't available

    The site is currently down as we believe that updates to both host sites mean that the scrappers need to be updated

    We need the site back up today so hopefully we can find someone to get this done ASAP

    We are happy to offer $300 to get the site back up and if you can do this then we would have a longer term support contract to offer
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    Software, website, Mobile Application Development
    its Virtual
    We can help you in this we have lots of experience in scrappers
    please contact me on Ankithiet1
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    I know C++, but I'm not a pro in it. Depending on it's complexity I might be able to help you out. PM with some parts from your code. I won't be able to start now, since it's a bit late, and also weekend. But, tomorrow I might be able to help you out.

    Waiting for your PM.