"A Pirate have found his real Home"

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    Hi to all BHW staffs & members. My name is Ruel, my alterego (not my imacRuel1 nick...let it be secret ok!) had a good reputation of being one of the trusted uploaders of movie torrents elsewhere. I had 315 high quality movies under my good name. But since my main tracker (demonoid) is facing major problems right now...I consider my free services of almost 3 years retired from now on... If I get back, it is still a big question mark! I came here accidentally thru google search... I was searching for a tips/guide on how to earn money online...& the word "Black Hat" seems catchy & had caught my attention... I am facing a financial prob right now for my son needs a medical operation w/ his clef palate & my wife is 7 months pregnant... I need to work hard online now to earn at least a decent amount of money to cover the expenses. I have devoted my life giving free stuffs in the net & I have not use it for my advantage to earn cash...So I dedcided to quit uploading & concentrate more on IM (Internet Marketing) been here for almost a month just reading threads silently. I really find this site very helpful. So, anyone who can please redirect me to a good threads where I can earn money out of my talents. Basically what I do is about Audio & Video encoding...all are manually encoded using scripts & other releated stuff to come up w/ possibly best quality files. I'll be very grateful indeed, if someone from here who makes/earn money easily can share their secrets on me or kindly put me under their wings as a student & I'll do my best to not to dissapoint them. I just need some extra money to pay the medical bills...I don't aim for too much. So any help will be highly aapreciated. & if you wish to learn some of my expertise then I'm offering it too for FREE... My service is all FREE...Have lived w/ that set-up & will continue to do so... Thanks you very much & hope to meet some new friends in here!