A noob's 2 cents on Google's Changes and beyond...

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    I am a noob to BHW, but I've been a webmaster since '96. Look at my profile if you care for my credentials.

    I have been on BHW for only a short time, but I have been a BH for over 17 years. I have played many angles with many markets and have learned a bit in the process.

    First off... Change happens!

    You should avoid becoming too complacent. Change happens whether you like or not and based on Murphy's Law, it will happen when you are least ready for it. If you are, or claim to be, making 4k a day with adsence, and you are using less-than white hat tactics, you can expect big G to make changes that will send your operation down the toilet.
    You need to be ready to correct for changes in the market.

    Secondly... Diversify!

    It has been said all over this forum, but bears the value of repeating... don't put all your G*d D*mn eggs in one basket. If you base your entire operation on one angle or activity, you open yourself up to vulnerability. Big G makes one change and you lose everything, shame on you! You got lazy. If you are employing black hat strategies, you are deceiving someone; it might be the users or big G, but someone is being deceived. You are making money on this deception. Expect things to change.

    Thirdly... Address your weaknesses!

    No one is perfect. We all have our weaknesses and shortcomings; work on them. If you are English as a second language (or you just suck at English in general) and your target market is English speaking, work on your English skills. If you are targeting a micro-niche market of divers or whatever, make sure you do your homework and speak that lingo. Whatever the case, improve your operation and you will get closer and closer to peak performance.

    Finally... Do work!

    If you expect to make it in this business, or any business for that matter, you need to do some work. Make sh*t happen. You are the master of your own destiny.

    This has been my 2 cents. Take from it what you will.
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