A Newbie needs help about link building / pyramid

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by addetpao, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Jul 8, 2012
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    Ok so I already learned about keyword research and found a niche for me. Also, I just recently finish my website and optimized it on-site using SEO powersuite. Now, I'm stucked and confused on how to start building backlinks. I read a lot about how to properly build back links using pyramids also read others' blueprints, but all seem confusing to me, either I don't understand the terms that were used or some of the tools used are not readily available to me. (wouldn't want to start purchasing lots of cool tools unless I learn the basics) Anyway, I do have some tools/software, but as you know most of them are just the free stuff I get for searching them. (SEnukeX, scrapebox, xrumer, hrefer,etc.) <-- not sure if their even working since I haven't started using them.

    the niche i've chosen has a low competition and is very easy to rank according to my niche research using senuke+market samurai. i just need to build proper back links to beat the competition.

    So from what I understood, I shouldn't be blasting links on my money site and that I should create tier blogs or tier levels that i should be blasting on to. I already made a couple of 3 web 2.0 blogs and also uploaded 1 youtube video for my tier 1. what do i do next? and how do i blast them?

    Sorry if for some this seem to be a noobish/spoonfeeding thread but I've done a lot of reading but all just seem confusing. thanks in advance!