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A little confused on backlinks...

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by moronic_kaos, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. moronic_kaos

    moronic_kaos Regular Member

    Nov 17, 2009
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    Been reading about SEO lately. It seems people have a difference in opinion on the best order to build up a sequence of backlinks. Some seem to start with articles and link to pages like Squidoo, others do it the other way around. There is always a mention of blogs somewhere in the order too.

    From what I understand about SEO, it would seem that it would make more sense to link them in order of the pagerank, rather than what type of sites you use such as a blog versus an article directory versus Squidoo lense or Hubpage.

    So my three questions are:
    1. Is my assumption correct?
    2. Should backlinks be created from lowest to highest PR or vice versa?
    3. Is there a piece to this puzzle that I'm missing?

    If you don't understand what I'm talking about, lets say I had a blog on Blogger.com. Blogger is PR 8. Next I have a Hubpage, which is PR 5, and an article on Ezine, which is PR 6.

    Should the Blog be linked to the Ezine article and the Ezine article linked to the Hubpage (Highest to lowest), or should it start with the Hubpage and flow into the Blog? I am also aware that you should start with a lot of something, and filter it into a little bit of something.

    Say I start with Blogger Blogs (PR8), then go to Ezine(PR6) and then end with Hubpage(PR5). I would start out with 10 Blogs that link to 5 Ezines that link to 1 Hubpage. So, is it more efficient to have 10 Blogs, since you have 10 PR8 links? Or, should you have the one Blog with a lot of backlinks from other places to that, since now you have one really strong place for a PR8 link?

    Oh, and please don't give me answers based on a websites TOS concerning the amount of links allowed per article, that isn't what I'm trying to learn at the moment.