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A Lesson About Content - Increasing Profit

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by dragonrage01, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. dragonrage01

    dragonrage01 Power Member

    May 19, 2011
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    I hired some Indian workers online recently, and they suck. They created the worst crap ever.
    So I hired some Filipino workers online, I thought it couldn't get worst but they suck even more. I can't even use anything they gave me.
    So I hired some Russian workers, and they just took my money and ran.
    I'll never hire these guys again.
    I hired some American workers and they did an amazing job.

    So a little bit about me before I start the lesson. I am currently making a lot of money in IM. Enough money that I don't need to work anymore as long as g00gle doesn't change the SERPS. Here's my contribution for this site because I did learn a lot of things here. I'm currently trying to make 50k a month and it is possible if I work very hard this year and g00gle doesn't change too much. So I'm going to share something important which is called PERSUASION and how to put it on a SQUEEZE PAGE. This is really something basic that everyone needs to know.

    Lesson 1: People Will Believe What They Want To Believe
    What did you just read on the top? I'll tell you what you think you read. You think I was saying that ALL Indians, Filipinos and Russians are terrible workers. Am I right? Which is not even what I wrote. I just said I hired some people and told you their nationality, and you created your own conclusion that I'm talking about a whole nation or country. I'm talking about a small group of people and you are thinking about a country. This is the first thing you need to learn, people will believe what they want to believe.

    So how can you use this? Well everyone wants to believe that there is a miracle item or product for all their problems. Ever heard of Jack and the bean stalk story? Everyone will trade their money, property and everything they own for some magic beans. This is important because we are all trying to sell something to people. Everyone wants to believe that there is a no effort product that can make people look beautiful, lose weight, make skin gorgeous and etc. Your job is to persuade them to believe that the magic beans are worth the money, property and items that they own.

    Lesson 2: Becoming A Used Car Salesman
    A car salesman's main strategy is to sell you something by becoming your best friend ever. Think about it, will your best friend sell you something bad? Of course not. So a car salesman doesn't try to sell you something by using fancy words, fast paced talking and etc. They try to get to know who you are, pretend that they care, try to give you what you need, and then some more. Before you know it, they create small jokes about your situation and you are smiling like an idiot. You tell them you need something to clean the windows and they tell you that you should also get cleaning supplies for your trunk, interior, and etc. You end up buying all these items that you could get somewhere else for a lot less.

    Lesson 3: How To Become Your Website Visitor's Best Friend
    This is easy, just use sympathy and empathy. Let's take a look at acne products for example. Here's how I would be my visitor's best friend.

    If you have acne, I know exactly what you are feeling cause I've been there.
    - embarrassed to go out due to feeling ugly
    - looking at the mirror and feeling bad about yourself cause of the way you look
    - tend not to talk to guys or girls because you don't want them to stare at your acne
    - just want to stay home and isolate yourself to get away from everything

    If you are suffering from acne, I've been there. I've felt all these things. You know what, there is relief. You can get your normal life back. I've done it. I found an amazing product that can help you eliminate acne very easily.

    I did not even tell people what my product is. I didn't tell them the ingredients or anything scientific. Just by reading this, you can tell I don't even need to. They are already interested in knowing my product and all I need to do is give them a little push to buy it.

    Lesson 4: Reviews
    Positive reviews make people buy products. It doesn't matter if the review is fake as long as it is positive.

    Lesson 5: Squeeze Page - Tying Them All Together
    If you are going to sell something, you need to make it look like a squeeze page. A squeeze page invokes people's emotions rather than their logic. Did you just read what I wrote, I am trying to appeal to the emotional side of my acne customers. The logical side will hardly buy anything. For example, a lot of people do not need to lose weight but they want to lose weight. If their logical side takes over, they will know they shouldn't spend money on products because they don't need them. But if their emotional side takes over, they will buy items even if they don't need them.

    A good example of a squeeze page is scrapebox.com. We all use scrapebox because it is a simple tool and great for scraping. The site that they have is a great example of a squeeze page. If you go to clickbank, most of the products in there uses a squeeze page. A lot of items in clickbank are ebooks with content you can find anywhere. But they still sell. So if you want to sell something or increase your revenue, you need to learn how to create a squeeze page. It is the most fundamental way on how to sell something in the Internet. It is the most basic form of persuasion.
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  2. swords12

    swords12 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Oct 5, 2011
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    Great share! I NEVER use foreign writers for my websites anymore. What I do use them for is to put 100% unique, readable, content on every single Tier 1 link I build - from my studies this has shown great improvements compared to spun content even.
  3. Skyebug77

    Skyebug77 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Mar 22, 2012
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    Very nice share. Thanks and Rep given.