A JV ! Yup ! [FB Traffic]

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by tymillz, Sep 28, 2011.

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    What do I want ?

    Facebook traffic !

    When do I want it ?

    Now !

    Its been a long time since I posted in this section. I need some FB traffic. I mean alot of FB traffic. Like shitloads of FB traffic.

    I have the latest script around atm. Lost alot of my traffic sources so, Im willing to share the wealth.

    You need to be able to provide alot of traffic. I emphasize on "ALOT". I dont care how you get it as long as it converts. Also must be US traffic.

    Please I do not need a small amount of traffic. I have that myself.

    You will also the CPA offer that goes with this script. I will put your offer in a rotator. Meaning that I am not responsible for your money, you are.

    ok. thats pretty much it.

    Im out.