A Journey to Diversify my Income Source

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    Hello BHWers,

    About me
    This is my first thread ever in BHW or even in any forums, I don't particularly like to post anything on any forum. So a little about me, I'm a noob in IM world and I just got a little bit serious after graduating from my college earlier this year. I'm not a native English speaker so please don't judge my grammar.

    In this 7-8 months, I've been trying several method from promoting ClickBank, Amazon, Teespring campaign with FB ads (which I eventually got banned), non-incentive CPA, incentive CPA, creating authority sites, etc. Most of them are failed except the incentive CPA. I don't call it a success yet, but my highest and only earning source right now is from incentive CPA promoting. My highest monthly income from incentive CPA was $7500 but this month I only got about half of it.

    There are two problems that I'm facing right now. First, I really feel bad to people because the method I'm using to promote the CPA is by providing 'fake files'. Second, since my income right now is only from that method, it's like I'm putting all my eggs in one basket. I feel like someday this method won't work anymore and before this happen I will use the money I'm getting right now to find another way to earn money, this time by actually being helpful to people.

    The reason
    Like I said before, I'm still a noob. I don't know where and how to re-start, what other method is available out there. The reason I'm creating this journey thread is because I saw some other people got really commited to their BHW journey and eventually got succeed reaching their goals. Moreover, I want to get input and ideas from other experienced member here on this forum.

    The plan
    I do have some rough ideas of what I'm going to now for now, but if you have good ideas or advices for me please don't hesitate to post a reply. Also, if you know anything good/bad about one or two from the list, let me know.

    1. Creating a membership website
    2. Developing kindle e-book
    3. Developing mobile apps/games
    4. Website flipping
    5. Launching a startup

    I don't know which one would be the best choice for me. Besides, I have limitations like I can't write and speak English well, I don't have any credit cards, and I don't know how to program. Basically, I don't know how to start anything from that list. Except for the number 5 maybe, I hired a web developer a while ago to build me a simple web for a startup. It's on progress right now, I might write some updates here about this.

    Well, that's it for now. As you can see, I'm opening a journey thread on BHW without having a good plan and I know some of you will mock me now but that's okay. This will be a long journey, I hope I (or we) can learn something from this.
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    Good luck with your journey