A IM newbie's journey with FB to $20/day!

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    Hey guys,

    I am a third-world dude who knew about IM and this forum since 2013. However, I was so busy with my university thing that I didn?t actually do anything. Then I forgot about IM until last month, this time I am more serious in making money out of IM.
    Last week, somehow I bumped into BassTrackerBoats's thread while lurking around in the Journey Discussion and after spending 3 days reading through the whole thread I got so much inspired that I decided to take action.

    The main goal is $20/day, of course.
    As I am a totally newbie in this IM world, I know that I will need to learn a lot of things to get this goal. Even if I just get half of this will be a big success for me.

    $100 in total as I don't have much to spend at the moment.


    The method as described in the above thread of BTB.

    I will test manually with some FB accounts first, if it works I will scale up.
    My detailed plan is:

    1. Buy 6 FB PVA accounts to start with. Half of them are 3-6 months aged, while the rest are fresh PVA accounts. All of them are US PVA accounts. I am wondering which one will be more fit to my twist, so I will try both and see.
    2. Buy 6 fresh US proxies to use for FB posting.
    3. Start the warm-up for all FB accounts asap.
    4. Find a decent CPA offer to target.
    5. Join 3 - 5 groups per day for each account, choose ones that related to my CPA offer.
    6. Buy domain, hosting and setup my landing page with WP, this will be a news look alike website which targets the CPA offer. I am learning this thing on the fly as I have never got my hands dirty with WP.
    7. Create content for my landing page. All are ripped from other sites except my money article which I'll try to create on my own or get it outsourced.
    8. Start posting on FB and see how things go.

    The journey will start on today, 13 August 2015.
    I will try to update as frequent as possible, hopefully twice a week, as I still have offline job to do.
    Right now, I am looking for FB accounts and Proxies to buy. Anybody who knows good providers please suggest.

    Thank you for reading my journey. PEACE OUT guys! :cool: