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    My friend, Tim Shi, has been doing eCommerce since he was 16, now being 24. He has done the eBay business, and has went through struggle such as eBay suspensions, Paypal limitations, drop shipping frustrations, etc.

    He is currently successful and makes webinars time to time and has a very high quality list that he built with care. He is a friendly guy that is only looking to deliver high quality content to anyone looking at his content.

    Anyways, he created a site:

    He isn't looking for money, he is just looking for participation, and for everyone to interact in everyone's interest of field.

    The site was made just solely for the people who wish to do eCommerce 1 week ago - Drop-Shipping, Wholesale, etc. You can become freelancers, sell your services, products, etc. All in all, I just want everyone to check it out because I know my friend can give you guys legit content. He is already posting daily content in the articles tab and will provide great tips!

    It'd be awesome if you guys can check it out and give any advice!