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A few questions..

Discussion in 'Pinterest' started by mixing, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. mixing

    mixing Regular Member

    Jan 18, 2014
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    Hey everyone. I had a couple questions which I was hoping to get some opinions on..

    1) How many times do you normally re-pin your pins? I know it can take quite a few re-pins to start showing up in searches, but what do you consider a good number of manual/bot re-pins before you can get an idea if the picture is really going to take off or not? Is it really worth the time to re-pin a bunch of images 30 or 40 times if it's not gaining much traction after 10 or 15?

    2) Would you consider it more important to have hundreds of accounts with a smaller number of followers, or a smaller number of accounts with a larger number of followers? I'm a bit curious if people think it's better to have more accounts for the additional re-pin counts, or larger accounts so they're reaching more people with fewer pinning required.

    Thanks in advance for any input!!