A few questions to Gplay app marketers

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    I've started to look into Google play marketing and tbh it seems appealing and not as saturated yet so I might test the waters there.
    I have a few questions however that I'd like to ask guys ranking apps already.

    1. Which are the best places to buy app source codes?

    2. Can you give me really rough estimates on how many downloads/ratings/comments it would take for a free game to rank top10 gaming subcategory in some medium sized top tier country? How much does this differ based on tier and population?

    3. How many ratings/reviews per 1k installs?

    4. Average earnings per 1 install (free app, banner + some fullscreen ads, tier1 country)?

    5. How to avoid bans?

    Thanks! Maybe there is someone willing to be my mentor? :rolleyes:
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