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    Hey guys been lurking here for a while, but this my first post. Anyway I'm following the guide posted here guaranteed-10k-month-online-offline-hybrid-method by the dark one.

    Mind you I'm relatively new to this whole process as well. I have my website (dentistsin-city), and the little blog piece on the front page, with spots to advertise with banners just like the guide says. I've followed it step by step, now my question like many others I'm sure comes with the traffic part.

    If it helps any the county I'm in has about 700k people and my town specifically has about 10k, though many other cities are very close to it and often people come from close by. ~10-15 mins away usually

    Right now I'm using link collider & traffic swarm to generate some traffic but obviously it's just general traffic and not targeted to any specific audience. My page is currently ranked 4th on the first page after just 2 days for searching (dentists in city) right behind the yellowpage listings. My question is how do I get targeted traffic for my site? how do I know it's targeted to my website? Whats the best analytics to make sure?

    Also is e-mail a viable way to contact the businesses to put up their ads? and if so whats the going rate?