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A few noob questions? OK.

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by whitefang, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. whitefang

    whitefang Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2014
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    I have been thinking and have decided that I want to enter the eBay boat. But before I do that I want to make a few things clear.
    How do I start?
    How much does it cost to list something on eBay?
    Can we sell fake stuff if we say "This is a fake Shirt - Brand name -"
    I have found some wholesale suppliers, so no worries.
    Do you have tips for a new guy?
    All replies are appreciated.
  2. ChaChaSwoosh

    ChaChaSwoosh Newbie

    Jul 2, 2014
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    You can start any day, anytime! Whatever floats your boat. But the main thing is having the information and knowing how to start. People do this thing where if you were to purchase from them and you provide a fast payment without hassle or hurry, the seller himself leaves a good review on your profile, that makes people know that you are a good customer. Have atleast a couple of those on your profile, and you'll leave a good impression. Have a safe payment method, paypal is most of everyone's choice. In eBay it's a majority of people choice. I believe the first few things you sell on eBay are free, if you were to ever be interested in shipping itself, eBay has a free label print service whereas your local post official would charge a minimum of 50-60 cents per label. I recommend that before you actually start, experiment with selling some of the things you don't use around your house, that way you understand the concept and the time it takes to truly sell your item whether you do or don't do drop shipping or purchasing in bulk. The fake items you are selling, be sure to highlight them in some sort of color and in CAPS. People will be so quick to make a claim these days that it can drive you off a cliff! MAKE SURE you keep up with listing any fake brands or names as FAKE. You can do so in the description and title, make sure if you place in description that it is the first thing you say, it is FAKE. It shouldn't be risky as long as you put in the correct information and don't miss any parts, so yes, list any brand name and state authenticity or otherwise as well as used or new. Make sure you calculate your profits and fees on eBay before listing. Know your shipping costs as well and don't be LAZY. eBay is always growing and always moving, you don't move along you don't gain much or anything at all. Lastly, do your research! Usually people won't tell you much and say go research, they are correct. You can find most of what I say in bajillions worth of websites and eBay itself, eBay has tools and such so you can be at ease as a seller and know that your sources you use always has the best information and help centers at your fingertips.

    Goodluck with it all :)
  3. Maiden89

    Maiden89 Newbie

    Jan 24, 2010
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    I finally started having success recently with eBay, so I'm definitely no expert, but I'll try to pass on the little experience I've learned so far.. It's not very complicated; create an Ebay and Paypal account first. Make a list of things that you think would sell well and research them on Ebay.


    Use the advanced search and looked through completed listings. Anything that is GREEN, sold and it will show you how much they sold for; anything in RED did not sell. Look at all the different kind of keywords you can use and mix them around. See how many items that the seller sold and how often. If most items sold in your advanced search, you probably found a decent product. Click on the listing and it will show seller feedback and how many items that the seller sold for that given product. If the seller is consistently selling that item on a weekly basis (IE 10-20 items a week), than this might be a good product to research.


    Once you find a product thats looking good, you'll have to find somewhere to purchase it for considerably less than what their selling on Ebay for. Here's 3 chinese suppliers that will sell almost anything you can think of:


    Type in your keyword for your product and see if you can find anything similar for a good price that you can make a profit on. Some words of caution, these sites are notorious for selling knock offs and replicas. They also sell clones that are not branded. It's up to you if you want to try and sell knockoffs.

    Once you positive you found a profitable product, place a small bulk order on one of the suppliers sites, take a pic of your product once you get it and list it on Ebay. Once it sells your money will go into your Paypal account with a hold status. Ship your products with your tracking numbers. Once you build up some rep, Ebay will let you sell multiple items at once and remove your monthly sell limits.
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  4. Lovlife

    Lovlife Newbie

    Jul 7, 2014
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    Wait until the account is at least 30 days old, with fully verified paypal( vba, vcc, phone)
    Browse around to create cookies, make it look as real as possible to ebay, buy some cheap items for feedback.
    Sell slow the first 3 months then after that you can go full speed