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    Honestly wasn't sure where to post this so I just chose here.So I'm deciding to revive my other website that was based on E-Commerce and instead of making it an 100% affiliate site I now plan on making it where the visitors who hopefully turn into customers can buy directly from the site.WELL,here's where I got confused,I know if you make sales on certain platforms paypal will pay you instantly but I don't have any experience with my OWN E-Commerce platform,so does paypal pay instantly when you make sales on your own site or is it like Ebay where they hold the funds until they feel it's ok to release?Also,I'm also stuck between choosing whether to do the dropping on my Ebay/Amazon starting out or just go Full Blast and start on my website.If paypal release funds immediately on your own website then I'll just start selling on my website and use the money I had to front the costs on buying products until the payment cleared on Paid Traffic/Seo type services and just knock out the middle man as a whole(ebay/amazon).I honestly want to do it strictly off my website because like everybody knows it's better to have your OWN foundation(website/services)when you plan on making it a source for full time income and since it doesn't require too much money to be able to live down here in my city in Florida I'd just live off of 2500-5k a month(which shouldn't be hard to achieve with the right traffic)and I won't have to worry about when will ebay give me the meat pole.My LAST question is for long term White Hat traffic is obviously better but I want to know do you think using black hat methods on your main site is a good idea?

    Long story short

    1.Does Paypal pay immediately after sales on your OWN website?

    2.Would Black Hat seo tatics be a good idea for a long term site?

    Bonus/3.Does anybody know if WooCommerce a good platform on wordpress for getting payments from paypal(just paypal,I'm not gonna do the credit card/bank transfer options yet because I know ZERO about them other than they require a ssl certificate)