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    So it seems all the big dogs are killing it with facebook right now. One of my account managers told me I can get daily payouts for facebook traffic because the advertiser is very interested in it, guess it converts well.

    So, I lost the ad account associated to my personal facebook account from doing a JV with one of these advertisers. No big deal he told me upfront I would lose the ad account. I was about done with facebook anyway so whatever. That JV went well so I started trying to build another account, but I used the same cc as I had on the other account (note use a VCC) the account was banned in days.

    After the last JV I set up a business facebook account to manage my pages, and deactivated my personal account (like I said I was done with FB) So that account has been around six months or so, and posting to the pages is mostly automated, I don't log in much.

    This weekend I logged in and created an ad for my brick and mortar business. I went back in that evening to check and the account was frozen for suspicious activity. I had to send a copy of my DL to prove it was me, I just logged in and the warning is gone, so I just put that ad active.

    I plan to run two days at my $10, then try to run two days at $25 that should bump me to the next level. One thing worth noting is that my brick and mortar business has a long turn cycle before leads turn into business, and a minimal advertising budget as most business comes from other sources, so... When the daily spend gets higher I will have to "save up" a few days budget to run $250 days to get to the next level. So this is not going to be quick. If I knew I was going to be able to launch a profitable campaign right away I might spend more money up front knowing I would get it back in the end but even the campaign is going to be an experiment in this thread.

    If anyone else has an interest and would like to partner/invest in this to see if we generate results faster drop me a PM.

    So, grab a big bucket of popcorn (it's going to be slow, and lets begin)