A Decent LinkedIn Tool. any ideas any one

Discussion in 'Linkedin' started by jwllondon, Oct 1, 2015.

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    Hello all.

    Been a avid reader of this forum and have learned lots over the years and have met some lovely people as a bonus. So I though I will ask you all pro first.

    I am working with a new client whose objective is to promote their brand in LI and generate leads and also reach out to relevant people (targeted by location and/or sector) to promote a couple of free networking events they are organising)

    While looking for a decent tool, I cam across InBoardPro - Lovely people , good support the the tool is too buggy for me to recommend it to a client. (I am sure they will up their game soon.)

    So, my question to you all is - are you aware of a tool that actually performs these days? I could keep researching but time is a bit tight as the first event is now 3 weeks away and we need to build up a bit of momentum.

    Super thanks in advance.


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    Tell us what that tool does?