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    Aug 15, 2010
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    Hey everyone, somehow I managed to stumble upon these forums! (Obviously not on stumbleupon as it seems to be blocked on there!) So I can't say how I did it exactly....

    But long story short! I started a few months ago with some GPT sites to try and make some extra spending cash, and now I'm looking to make some more money (maybe to help buy a laptop and pay for college costs).

    I started with a point based GPT, I made roughly 50$ a month. Than I moved on to include a cash based GPT, where I made roughly the same. Than I started up a few blogs! (Which has only made me 3$) So I started to learn SEO as of now!

    Only trick I learned was loading my referral link for the websites so if they don't click I'd still earn the sign up (which I learned is not okay apparently? tsk tsk)

    Anyway! I'd love to start learning more ways to increase my income online and hopefully this is the place to start!

    Any points in the right direction would be great :)

    My first goal is to make roughly 450$ within 6 months which seems high, but once I set a goal I'm usually one to reach it.

    Thanks in advance!