A couple small questions about niche blogging

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by whatlljk, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to exploring this arena, and I hope these questions don't come across as stupid -- but I've done a lot of research in beginner and newbie threads and this is one thing I've been unable to form a grasp on.

    Say for a site I want to rank for several 3 or 4 word keywords with a common root. For example (and these are obviously not my real keywords), I may want to rank for all of the following:
    dorm room
    dorm room loft
    dorm room cooking
    dorm room furniture
    dorm room decor
    dorm room lighting
    etc. etc.

    I plan on using Wordpress, and have no problem creating content on my own. I understand the on-site SEO optimization of each individual post for -- I can optimize a post for "dorm room decor," for example, just fine. My questions are as follows:

    1) Does it matter how many blog posts I display on the main page of my site for SEO? If I'm only showing the 5 most recent, for example, will the 6th oldest and older stop contributing to my main page keyword ranking? Or will categories / tags and the fact they've already been crawled on the homepage keep them in the game 100%?

    2) How would you suggest I approach linkbuilding for this type of keyword cluster? I think I want the majority of my organic traffic to hit my homepage, as a surfer's interest in one keyword is probably highly correlated with potential interest in the other longtails, even if it's not what they were looking for originally. Is it as simple as rotating the anchor text between all the longtails, with the homepage as a target? Or is there something more complicated I should be thinking about, like building links aimed at category or tag pages within my blog structure for each sub-niche?

    Thanks in advance
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    Use these plugins also, to start.
    robot txt
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    I'm a writer!
    I personally use Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress, does all the SEO, Sitemap Generation and Robot rules built into 1, highly customizable too.
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    Everyone posting here have good plug-ins to offer, they can short cut your SEO efforts on WP blogs for sure. I had great success in setting up WP blogs in small niches that ranked quickly and held rank as I posted articles on schedule.

    1. Write a nice KW article 1,400 words or longer and set that page as your static page. Put links in there to your sales page if you are using one.
    2. Have 6 to 8 articles ready to post after the site is indexed and then start dripping the articles onto the site over a few days and then at least once a week.
    3. Set up KW article categories
    4. In your articles link back to other articles on your site occasionally as well as to your sales page.

    Anyway.............getting carried away lol Just remember that keeping everything looking natural is the best rule to follow!