A couple of doubts on TOR


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Feb 11, 2009
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I just installed portable version of TOR Bundle with IM
Now my doubts are :

How do I change my IP when ever I need
Like I need to change 10 IPs. So how do I change. Should I disconnect and re connect tor?

So I already run a firefox open with 100s of tabs and cookies. So this TOR portable firefox, should I open from the PC or should I close the exisiting firefox and open? Can I run both together which I open social network accounts.

So this new TOR does not open the old cookies ri8? So the old cookies in firefox has no problems. No need to clear it ri8?

Please clear these small doubts so that I can start using it!
When TOR is running simple rightmouse click on the TOR icon in the taskbar and click "new identity".
Is there any difference between installing in PC or Pendrive?
Like extra security


I installed and then my firefox with 100+ tabs restarted :(
Then your special browser did not load anything
So I uninstalled and now all back to normal :(
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