A Collection Of Helpful Jr. Execs/Execs/MIT Threads


Feb 20, 2015
A Collection Of Helpful JR. EXECS/EXECS/M.I.T. THREADS

Just put together a list of helpful threads coming from some of our big dawgs. A portion of these are money making methods, some provide useful tools, whilst others shed insight and knowledge. I've learned a ton digging through these and I think that if anybody reads them through they'll be setting themselves up for success

If I Can Make 189.00 in a Day Using Facebook, You SURELY Can! - BassTrackerBoats

A pure Facebook groups money making method. This might be the most spoonfed method on BHW I've come across

I've personally tried this and can attest to its validity

Make a 7 Figure Income Using Free eBooks - BassTrackerBoats

Put out short eBooks that offer real value. Put your aff links in those eBooks and bank

He's made over 1 mill through this

Authority Site SEO Case Study - BassTrackerBoats

Go on an epic journey with BTB into the realm of Authority sites. Reading this will make you want to jump head first into SEO

Are You Charging Enough To The Game - BassTrackerBoats

One of the most important threads I've read here on BHW. Apply the lessons inside to much more than internet marketing

Build And Bank Journey - BassTrackerBoats

Similar to the Authority Site journey above, this MNS journey is one of a kind. You get an in depth look at building $250-500/month websites fast

Scale up to 20 websites and... well.. I'll let you do the math

Let's End "How Do I Make $10" Threads Once And For All! - KraftyKyle

I see a lot of threads here where people are trying to make really small amounts of money. If that's you read "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz: Shoot for the stars and land on the moon

500th Post Special! Haven't Made Any Money Yet? Look Inside - KraftyKyle

This is a really motivational thread about a couple different topics. To put it in one sentence: Work as hard and much as you possibly can

But do what you're passionate about so that it's enjoyable. That way the harder you work the more enjoyment you get

Life Lessons - Life Lessons And Getting Older - KraftyKyle

I made a lot of money this year. I then went and lost it all

After, I read around seven money management books. He sums up 80%+ of what I learned through those in this thread

The Stair Method: Your Step By Step Blueprint For Success - KraftyKyle

This is a thread that covers reverse engineering your life. Take your end goal, figure out what steps you need to take to get there, and then follow through with implementation

Tips On Creating Your Very Own PBN The Right Way - t0mmy

t0mmy takes you from 0 to hero with PBN's. Not an SEO guy but I learned a lot through this

Link Diversity: Why Aren't We Focused More On This Topic - t0mmy

Really interesting topic here as well. He takes The Huffington posts link diversity and paints a picture of how you want to build YOUR backlink profile

Also busts a couple myths

10 Tips On Properly Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles - t0mmy

Anybody getting into the social media game should read this. I play in that realm and thought it was really useful

Making Money Online: It Starts With YOU - t0mmy

t0mmy delivers the harsh truth about internet marketing. This article is so important to read

I've tried to IM so broke I couldn't afford food and I've tried to IM working two jobs getting paid. If you aren't making money online get a 9-5 and get your investment pool up

The NOOBZ Guide to CPA Riches - T0mmy

The title pretty much says it all. He provides a full cost per action blueprint to success in this thread

...and for some reason the image front/center has been imprinted in my head for months

5000 Best Tools - W130SN

Simply put, this is the most comprehensive list of SEO tools I've seen

A Time For Reflection - W130SN

Fantastic contribution. It was wonderful coming across this because this concept has been on my mind so much recently. I've been incredibly focused on holding myself accountable for the direction my life takes

It's not a coincidence that I've been more active here lately, that after going broke I'm back to making money, and my life is improving every day. You really are where you deserve to be :) Thanks W130SN!

How To Legally Start Your Business In The US - Zweilicht

Let's get sereal

Zweilicht provides us with a super detailed guide on starting businesses in America. Documents for the UK, India, and Phillipines are included

4 Reasons Why You Need To Start Using Contracts Right Now - Zweilicht

Here he explains why you need to start using contracts when conducting the business you just legally started.

^This will save you a lot of trouble

New Members: Post Count Doesn't Matter As Much As You Think It Does - Zweilicht

Mmm.. mm mm

These are a small handful and there are many more that I didn't post. Might really go to town one of these days and make this a long list

Let me know if any of you would be interested in that
Nice list! It's great having everything in one place for reference or for any new members who are just starting out.
This is really helpful man, so much info here it's great to see it listed and summarised like this :)
really impressed from the number of guides / tutos that have been shared lately on bhw , hopefully I will find some time and note down something that should be shared with the bhw community ,

Fantastic post , thanks
I love it when people sum up most important threads like you have. I am an avid reader of BHW when it comes to making money threads, but hey looking at your list I see I have missed a lot of them :)
Excellent list, bookmarked for me to have a read through these threads tomorrow!

No excuse in not taking action at all :)
Good call. My bad HI

Definitely need to change that out and add a couple threads to this list but for some reason I can't edit the thread. I'll be looking into that a little later today
you can't edit your thread starter post, because you posted it more than 24 hours ago, only mods can edit it now
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