A brief hello and initial offering to the community

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    After years of fighting it, I've come to the inevitable conclusion that white hats finish last. So, its good to be here. I've picked up on a lot of great info already. Anyhow, here's my offering; Its not much but I think its worth mention on the topic of social exchange: After scouring literally dozens of sites, Ive found that most of the noteworthy ones have already gained attention on these boards. However, i'd like to mention a few more that I think are worthy. ie. worth the points effort, good exchange diversity, good amount of activity/members, good points per dollar ratio, etc... social that net - follow like net - These are clearly not affiliate links, i'd just like to see the member count and activity go up on these sites because they seem rather new but totally offer a bit more than usual. Both of these sites offer more of what Google loves. They both support diggo, reddit, and delicious exchanges which, in case you don't already know, are tracked in your Google analytics. I'm trying to work on some iMacros for these and will post them when I have something solid. Hope to see yall there!
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