A Beginner's Guide for an Influential LinkedIn Presence

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    With over 380 million followers, LinkedIn comes in the third place behind other giants like Facebook and Twitter. A lot of people have limited their activities to just a few things such as finding jobs, and posting about their businesses because they aren’t aware will the full potential of LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is like Facebook but with many other features and a professional touch to it. Many people don’t realize the full worth of LinkedIn and aren’t aware of how having an influential LinkedIn profile can help their businesses in earning more leads.

    Personalization of URL

    A lot of people aren’t aware of it, but you can change the appearance of your LinkedIn profile’s URL according to your taste. If you don’t like the look of your URL, or you find the combination of random alphabets and number too overwhelming, then you can personalize it and can change it to your name. This is a great way to give your profile a professional look.

    Incorporation of Brand’s Message with Personal’s
    Many people are resistant when their companies ask them to share their company’s mottos, messages or services. That is because it gives a very flat professional look that can make anyone’s profile boring and dry.
    This can be tackled by incorporating the company’s message with your own personalized message because a half part of your professionalism is reflected by the team around you.

    Profile Optimization
    Another way to have an influential profile on LinkedIn is through keyword optimization. Search for those keywords that people usually Google while searching for various LinkedIn profile and incorporate those keywords into your profile to appear on the top of those searches.

    Personalized Cover Photos
    It didn’t take much time for LinkedIn to jump on the bandwagon of cover photos. With the launch of this feature, it allowed its visitors to add and change its background feature.
    This is a fairly easy feature to use and one that also provides its user with the opportunity to showcase their businesses. But if you don’t represent any business that you can put any picture that helps you in forming an influential presence on LinkedIn.
    As LinkedIn is a professional platform, so just remember not to upload any picture that gives the impression of unprofessionalism.

    Publish on LinkedIn
    The last but not the least way of forming a large audience base and becoming an influencer is by publishing your own content on LinkedIn’s profile. When the feature was first launched, only recognized authors and registered publishers were allowed to post their content, but now anyone can publish the articles showcasing their opinions and views on a particular subject.
    The ability to publish your articles and blogs on the internet provides you with an opportunity to influence other people and businesses.
    LinkedIn, like many other social media networks, have brought people together in a tight circle. It has also made it very easy for few people to influence millions of people with their ways of thinking.

    By following these tips, anyone can influence anyone, no matter which part of the world they reside in.
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    Looks great, I will definitely try some of the tips you've written.