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95% grammatically correct - 95% copyscrape passed - perfectly SEO optimized articles

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by goodseoman, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. goodseoman

    goodseoman Power Member Premium Member

    Jul 1, 2010
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    I do SEO in mass volume and unique readable article for new pages, web 2.0, link building, bla bla... is always my concern. It takes my time and money a lot. I dont know if you get this and how you overcome?
    Pls share some your thoughts about this issue if you have the same:

    1. How much does a package of 100 articles that have 95% grammatically correct - 95% copyscrape passed (compared with the highest duplicate page) - perfectly SEO optimized cost? The content is not fluently. They are not good to put at your landing pages for converting but totally perfect for inner pages and link building.
    2. Do you think that they are much different from unreadable, grammatically wrong and spun to hell articles that every spinner can generate?
    3. Do you think that using this type of articles in mass will help to rank? Do you have any experience to share?
    4. How many articles of this type do you need a month?
    5. Are you willing to share with me a detailed result ( indexing rate, ranking, links counting...) if i send you 100 articles of this type for any keyword?
    Pls replly here
  2. phpbuilt

    phpbuilt Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    May 16, 2011
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    $ from websites I own.
    putting monkeys in paypal
    Honestly, if you have good links ... you can rank duplicate content, especially duplicate content that is mashed up with other duplicate content. I just use WordAI on highly readable (lightly spun) and it works fine for ranking. Does it pass copyscape? Maybe, don't really know, don't really care. Just look at bigresource.com, that site is 100% duplicate content mashed up with other similar 100% duplicate content and the site ranks for just about any programming / php / whatever terms ... and all they do is rip forum posts all day.

    I don't even spin to rank anymore. I don't even spin to trick Google anymore. Why do I spin? So I don't have the original owners of the content getting all bent out of shape filing DMCA takedown requests. I spin so someday, if I feel like flipping a website, the new owner isn't saying "wtf this site is all sourced from 100% duplicate content".

    Addressing your questions ...

    You're paying too much. Just get a WordAI turing subscription, set it on a setting where it makes sense most of the time. BTW I have a WordAI banner in my signature. I turned it off on this post just to not look cheesy as if I'm just trying to promote it. Honestly, its good enough, and they're better than 95% grammatically correct (they don't have a grammatical mistake every 20 words).

    The difference between TBS api and WordAI api is night and day. I know what you're talking about when saying something is spun to hell and unreadable ... check out WordAI output.

    Its not the quality of the spun article that is going to decide how well you rank. Google has profiled what a spammy link profile looks like. If you have a spammy link profile, you're going to be penalized. Being spammy has more to do with the quality of sites you put the content on (like higher quality web2.0s, rather than crappy AMR article directory postings on PR0 sites). Of course, if your spins are on CNN/New York Times, etc. you're going to rank great ... its not the spin its the quality of site, link velocity, and your anchor texts (whether they're varied or all the same anchors) etc.

    This question isn't really applicable. If your spin is on CNN, 1 is fantastic. If your spin is on 100k crappy 0 PR unmoderated AMR type article directories, 0 PR unmoderated pligg article sites, 0 PR unmoderated wiki sites, you're probably doing more harm than good. Its not quantity, its quality ... although throwing quantity at a tier2 isn't a bad idea.
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  3. marrrko

    marrrko Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 10, 2009
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    I saw much better SERP with scraped, spun but 100% copyscaped articles.
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  4. mseostrategy

    mseostrategy BANNED BANNED

    Oct 2, 2012
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    The best spinner work great 2 year experiences with that.
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