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    hi guys,

    just really asking for advice here.

    Me and 5 people (old university friends) have been working for about 13 months on and off on creating an affiliate network. It has only one level of commission and we can set that to whatever we want. But to try and attract more affiliates - and in turn, more merchants we are setting commissions at 90%.

    Only products allowed on the site is digital ones i.e ebooks, software etc, you get the jist.

    Cost for a merchant to join is free
    Cost for a merchant to list a new product is $5 per month recurring
    Cost to be affiliate is free
    All payments are made via paypal automatically

    Anyway. We are getting pretty close to opening the site to public and have already got a few quite big advertising companies listing their services through it but i have two main questions for BHW.

    1. Would this kind of thing interest any one to try out on a small product first? - as i know all the main promoters are with CJ or clickbank etc.

    2. What do you think on the pricing structure represented above?

    Like i said, there are 6 of us in the team and looking to make it work.
    Of course we want to make money, but for the first 1-2 years we would want to get a large community of merchants and affiliates.

    Please try not to flame me too much if you think this really wont work at all. I have put a lot of time and effort into this site and the systems supporting it.