90% commision on recurring product - keyword tracking

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    I have developed a seo & PPC tracking tool and decidet to sell it on clickbank

    My problem is i have no IM related list of emails so i would like to JV with a couple of bhw members to launch this product

    The normal affiliate commision it's 50% recuring but i will raise it at 90% to first 10 partners i will find here

    I will also offer some review copies of the product.

    Also i used this SEO Tool to rank a bounch of my sites and it can REALY improve your rankings over time.
    It tracks the following metrics over time:
    this month visitors
    past month visitors
    % visitors change
    bounce rate
    google position
    google old position
    google position change
    Inbound Links
    global searches
    market share
    Goals Conversion Rate​
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