9-10-2010 - Best ranges/ip's to scan - PRIVATE

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    From my proxy source, here is a list of 30.000 ip's or roughly 25,000 great ranges, live & ready to scan for public proxies.

    This is a free service, all I ask is for a thanks, or props for the hard work I put into this. Why named private? This is not just a list from free sites/or leeched forums. This is a premium bad ass list from a legit source, my "inside dude".

    It is already sorted & dupe killed with Raptor, so you can theoretically find a hot range, then scan it with your favorite scanner, I.E. proxy hunter.

    Download Link *plain .txt file (1 file) by itself in rar*
    due to the underwhelming response after 40+ views, you can PM me for the list, thanks
    password for rar is: bhwai

    This is just to keep forum leechers off the file, nothing else.

    Everyone have a great weekend, hope this helps!

    Disclaimer: If you find one of your paid proxy ranges in this list, please contact me & I will remove it/edit it immediately. I am not trying to get your ranges into the hands of the Anti's.
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