8,000 Natural Views Per Day - How Do I Monetize?

Funk Flow

May 18, 2014
I know you are all immediately thinking, "Just partner with a network you idiot!". Well these videos are claimed by a third party and cannot be monetized or profitable for me in that regard.

I only upload videos of new hip-hop songs and one has gone viral with over 6,000 views/day and has a little less than 500,000 views on it.

Since I cannot monetize it through Youtube or a partnership network, how can I earn money from this massive amount of traffic?

I am open to any ideas. Perhaps putting a link to a blog in the description where I can place ads and earn from traffic driven from my videos' description?

Make a website with MyLikes and put campaign ads on it with a nice domain?

Please help me out here, I don't want to have to work a real job over my summer break. Thanks!
well you can open a gig at fiverr and tell them that you'll put there website/youtube/facebook link in the description for only $5. good luck with it
You obviously must not have read anything above....they are claimed by third party copyright. My ads only make them money. It's established that I won't be making money directly from youtube, but rather directing that traffic elsewhere.
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