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    Hey guys I'm very interested in starting 7878's method. Although it seems a little confusing, I have a few questions such as am I actually removing the bad reviews for businesses? what is this scrape thing im always hearing about? Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot. If anyone is willing to help mentor me on this method add me on Skype (same as bhw username) I work full time so I will have some money to invest. I want to work really hard at this but I just want to have the proper correct knowledge before I start so that I run into the least amount of mistakes. Thank you for reading and thank you to anyone willing to mentor a newbie! lol

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    With the 7878 approach, the objective is not to remove reviews but to get MORE positive reviews to bury the negative ones.

    So in another words, if your client has 2 negative and nasty reviews, you will help get your client 20 glowing positive reviews to neutralize things out.

    Regarding 'the scrape thing', it is just one of the shortcut methods to find businesses with negative reviews.

    Post your questions here, you will probably get more suggestions and ideas from many others.
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