$75 for $100 in AdWords?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by Mike39, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    So I have been on the forum a while but don't post a lot because 99.9% of my business is completely irrelevant to anything on here, however, I have an idea that I have had rattling around in my head for a while that I might as well try out for the hell of it!

    So I can buy AdWords coupons, and get as many AdWords accounts as I need made. Next, I find a client who is going to advertise on AdWords anyways, charge them .75 on the dollar, email them all the account information they need to run the ad's. $100 on each account so if you wanted $12,000 in advertising, that would be 120 accounts (Customer pays $9k).

    So I am pretty sure this^ is all old news, but is anyone on here already doing this? :)
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    Yes, it's been done. The only difference is you're looking for $.75 on the dollar and most voucher sellers look for $.10 on the dollar. Not much of a money maker.

    Also heard a rumor that Google is doing away with these coupons soon, haven't verified that info but you might want to check.
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    Any legitimate business will not participate in such a practice for a few reasons:

    1. They are not going to want to have to log in to 120 different accounts to run their campaign.

    2. They would spend $12,000 at Google before paying $9,000 to someone offering this service.

    3. If they could afford the $9,000, they can afford the full amount and would just rather work with G directly.

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea and of course anything is possible if you ran into the right person that was looking for something like this. But remember, $100 AdWords vouchers can even be found at Fiverr for $5 so $0.75 on the dollar is pretty high.

    I wish you luck. Your mind set is right as far as making profit goes but I would suggest you find another way before putting too much time into this when you could focus on something else that would make you money sooner and more consistently.
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    AdWords had a affiliate program some time ago, where you get 50€ for each new customer you send them + they client get's a free 80€ in Ads.
    When I wanted to start with this idea (easy leads by cold callin), they had just ended the affiliate program.

    Your idea, letting the customer make his own ads is...I think now Google gives to almost every new member a free $100. At least, in Germany they are promoting it very hard.

    So it would be wiser to convice yourself new clients about the offer, run their campaigns & later upsell them other service, or an AdWords Campaign Management!
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