7 Ways to improve the Facebook Ads CTA index

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    The current number of Facebook ads are created very large, maybe even more than the total number of ads are created in other social networks. The cause is probably due to many marketers see Facebook as one of the mainstream media, leading to spending a lot of money on this social network.
    Typically, to increase efficiency facebook template ads, we often insist on design, help your ads can form emerged. However, this is only effective when the facebook in its infancy and few rivals. And this day, to optimize Facebook ads templates, you need to do much more.
    But we all know, the CTA stands for Call-to-Action. One piece of good ads are attractive pieces of ads with design will attract the attention of users, concurrent with CTA to increase conversion rates and stimulate customers click on ads pieces.

    So how to increase the record CTA ads?

    1. Notice of an information "Free"
    Users always liked promotions and discounts. So if you want your ads to attract the sample, you should take one for something that customers do not have to pay to get. Can you provide information free gift coupons, movie tickets, gift cards, specimen sample, or anything that your business can give visitors "Free".
    You can also use the arrow more '->' on the link to attract customer attention, stimulate them to click on links.
    For example, the following sample ads, make sure you will be noticed immediately by attractive promotions receipt "Free Box"

    2. Question
    Asking questions is a common capital to increase interaction. When you ask questions as closer to the concerns of the customer first, the rate of the sample CTR ads will be.
    Questions may be related to the product, any question, a comment or a question related to the trend at the time. On occasions such as Valentine's Day, then you can ask questions related to this holiday as "What did you buy for the upcoming Valentine's holiday yet?". And if they are the same concerns about buying gifts for Valentine's occasion, the rate they click on the ads will be huge.

    3. There are a limited days
    When you write the ads templates, you should create a sense of urging customers click on the ads right to receive incentives and should finalize an end date to the customer no longer hesitate any longer outside the click. Such as with sample ads "SALE 60% only today", sure, who the user will click on will be higher because they do not want to miss out on promotion.

    4. Use the word anonymous action
    Form your ads have inspired and powerful enough for the customer to click on. So you need to use the word anonymous action, urging them to follow for the sake of themselves. If they did, their lives will be much better. Such as sample ads geared toward exercise with the message "Please lose weight faster to have beautiful healthy body" would certainly have a higher CTR rate.

    5. The contents of the text ads should be simple, easy to understand
    The content of the text ads you need concise, easy to understand when customers glance.
    Robots in love sample ads are quite confusing, users will not understand what this is and what form ads hardly clicked.
    Meanwhile, sample ads below extremely easy to understand as soon as skim.

    6. Use CTA vice
    When you use the CTA vice, customers tend to do the opposite of what you want or be impressed about your pieces ads. For example, you can attract customers click on the ads text "Do not click if you do not want to become an expert in social media." With this piece of ads, your customers, who want to know and be proficient in the field of social media will certainly feel curious and excited, click on view resulting solution is what you offer to return a social media specialist.

    7. Use referral
    For customers trust your product, want to click on the ads templates, you use the name of a celebrity, a well-known brands to attract the user's attention to the ads templates.